About us
Mother Mary Convent is a part of the Maa Ardulla Devi Bahuddeshiya Vikas Sanstha. In its continual efforts to revolutionize the education scenario guided by the futuristics view of Mr. Anjani Kumar Singh, Mr. Dayanand Jha & Mr Vijay Mishra, Founders of Maa Ardulla Devi Bahuddeshiya Vikas Sanstha.

The institution was established with the Motto “Excellence in education & all round development at a very affordable price. The School has shown tremendous growth, commitment to quality and a uniquely fresh approach to education and has arisen to prominence in the locality.

Our efforts is directed towards global education integrated with innovative use of the technology to develop global citizens through a holistic approach.

Anjani Singh

Dayanand Jha

Vijay Mishra
Year of establishment: 2004
School Code: 7091015502
Recognised by: Govt. of Maharashtra
Affiliated to: State Board
Name of the Trust: Maa Ardulla Devi Bahuddeshiya Vikas Sanstha

At Mother Mary Convent we ensure that along with a high caliber of academics, our children inculcate winning habits from a young age. This is done through various character building activities that strengthen their moral & help them face the rigors of academics and life.

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